In 1975 a group of entrepreneurs acquired “Hacienda Cañas”, with an area of 850 hectares located in the Naranjal Canton, Guayas Province and from whose name “Grupo Agrícola Cañas” was created.

In its beginnings, this property was dedicated exclusively to livestock, but in 1989 the group made the correct decision of planting the entire area with Banana and Cocoa plants.

In the case of Cocoa, the farm was a pioneer in the large-scale cultivation of the CCN-51 variety, the most productive in the world, and for more than 30 years it has served as an example of modernization for thousands of farmers who visit it.

In 1992 we initiate the biggest mango project of Ecuador, with an extension of 500 hectares, which had the following varieties: Tommy, Kent and Keitt. Exporting and average of 1,600,000 boxes of 4 kg per year to the US and EU. It wasn’t until 2021 that the plantation was sold.

Simultaneously with Cocoa, Banana’s production began in 1989, not only in “Hacienda Cañas” but also in eight other plantations, all the eight located in the Province of Los Rios, also known as the “Golden Triangle” for Banana farming. Being one of the first companies in Ecuador to properly manage its farms with “Precision Agriculture”, plus having top quality soils, genetically improved plants and modern infrastructure, the company quickly became the leader for efficiency and productivity in Ecuador.

It’s not until 2015 that the ‘impossible’ was done. Grupo Agrícola Cañas became the first company in Ecuador to exceed an average of 4,000 boxes per Hectare per Year, a record that we have been able to reach since 2015 and no other producer in Ecuador have been able to reach until today; a record which have cultivated prestigious recognition worldwide.




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